Medical/Dental Claims Processing

DionData Solutions professional team has years of experience in healthcare processes and claims processing.

We provide our clients with the highest quality and security of all your data entry claims processing.

Most importantly DionData Solutions will keep your data in the United States while providing you with highly cost-effective offshore prices. Our clients get the attention, responsiveness, quality, HIPAA compliance, rapid turnaround and care they expect from a top-tier U.S-based company, and at the price of an Offshore company.

DionData Solutions will process your Paper and Electronic Claims faster, cheaper and better than having it done in-house allowing you to concentrate on obtaining new customers.

With our 24-hour, 7 days a week production environment you will be delighted to arrive at work each day to find your claims immediately ready for Adjudication. The time savings is great and the quality is exceptional.

What makes us different are the methods we employ and the integration of services and technologies we customize for our clients which translates to the highest levels of accuracy, turnaround time and highly cost-effective solutions.

Our clients are Health Plans, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), MCOs, and MSOs who give highly individualized and personalized service to their client. For them, responsiveness is critical. Growth is high for many of our clients who have earned the trust of their clients by ensuring compliance as the industry around them changes.

Our clients face the rising costs for claims processing, staff turnover, lack of qualified people and increasing IT capital expenditures.

DionData Solutions works closely with our clients to provide Claims Support Services that meet their unique needs. We collaborate with our clients, who are over burdened by mountains of Paper Claims, to provide highly cost-efficient, custom designed services.

Simple and affordable, DionData Solutions turnkey solutions for paper claims data entry cuts claims processing costs, improves accuracy of paper claims adjudication, enhances productivity of claims examiners, and archives paper claims for easy and convenient access anytime.

DionData Solutions is here to assist you in handling all your medical and dental claims needs:

Archive, search and easily retrieve paper claims at the click of a mouse
Improve accuracy of paper claims adjudication
Improve HIPAA and CMS compliance for audit trails and paper claims tracking
Reduce storage cost
Improve turnaround times for processing

Contact DionData Solutions today to assist you in creating the right solutions for all your medical and dental claims processing.