Data Security Policy:

DionData Solutions considers all client documents to be of the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Our security and privacy policy for all documents focuses on controlling unauthorized access to all data. All parties, employees, vendors, suppliers and third party processor or agents must read the policy completely, and confirm that they understand the contents of the policy and agree to abide by it.

Security compromises and/or privacy violations by any of the above encompasses a No Tolerance policy and are grounds for immediate termination of services.

The security of our clients data can be understood through the use of a data life cycle. Generation, use, storage and disposal. Users of data assets are personally responsible for complying with our policies. All users will be held accountable for the accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of the information to which they have access. Data must only be used in a manner consistent with this policy.

Our entire staff must sign Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreements, Confidentiality Statements and must attend an in-service on all HIPAA Regulations also requiring a signature of acknowledgement. All signed original documents are kept in the individuals files in a locked cabinet in a secure location.

Each user must ensure that DionData Solutions, and its clients, data assets under their direction or control are properly labeled and safeguarded according to their sensitivity, proprietary nature, and criticality. Only authorized users can access data to which they have been granted explicit access rights.

All client original source documents are kept in a secure, locked location accessed by authorized staff members only. Client hard-copy documents are scanned using high-speed document scanners and then distributed by images using our secure encrypted on-site FTP and/or network servers.

When requested by one of our clients to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of highly sensitive data, DionData Solutions can split the source document into multiple TIFF images (often called snippets) and provide different sections of the document to different data entry operators. A single data entry operator would never have access to an entire document. For example, one will only key names, dates of service, phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, etc. separately, and not have access to the rest of the document.

Clients may also scan and provide document images directly to an authorized DionData Solutions staff member. To maintain security and accountability only one person is authorized to access that data, process it and make it available to our keying professionals by way of our encrypted secure servers.

We maintain access control mechanisms with development and implementation procedures to properly dispose of various types of data as requested by our clients. Depending on the client requirements this may include utilizing a Certified Document destruction firm or sending the data back to the client using a 3rd party delivery method with tracking capabilities.

DionData Solutions production systems are backed up daily and kept in a separate off-site location as part of our disaster recovery policy.

DionData Solutions is committed to maintaining whatever level of security your company requires.

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