Quality Control:

At DionData Solutions, quality is a commitment that encompasses every member of the organization. We have adopted extremely rigorous and redundant quality and control procedures.

Data Entry Software:

DionData Solutions achieves its high level of accuracy with immediate data editing and validation. Our software has been the preferred solution for faster, easier, more accurate keyboard data capture from all data sources and delivers the features you need to:

-Eliminate most data errors
-Improves productivity
-Save development time
-Protect against future obsolescence
-Reduce capital and operating costs

DionData Solutions software transforms computers into an efficient workstation for key-entering data rapidly and accurately, without additional special hardware.

Continuous regular updates will continue to meet the data entry needs of the future. Our key-from-image system is easy to migrate to new technologies.

It combines the best features for both heads-up and heads-down data entry. We can distribute the data entry function to information sources without sacrificing the speed and accuracy of traditional heads-down systems. Our programs are equally effective for heads-up applications.

System Capabilities:

Our system provides tools for your most demanding key entry applications that make it easy to custom develop applications, which reduces time and cost expenditures to all our clients.

We create data entry screens that define data input jobs for each client project requisite. It is intuitive and easy to use for end-users and data entry operators.

Menus and selection bars are organized for a client's specific project to allow our professional operators to quickly find features and functions that are cost-efficient to every client.

Operator Statistics and Logging:

DionData Solutions systems logs activities and operator productions statistics that also serve as an audit trail.

Database Support:

Provides fast look-ups, substitutions, and validations from data files and database tables. All are customized to your specific requirements:

Exclusive System Features:
-No need for a mouse: Increases keying speed, decrease costs and improve ergonomic posture.
-Instant data editing and validation: Improves data accuracy and prevents costly errors. The sooner an error is detected, the cheaper it is to correct.
-Intelligent double key verify mode with immediate correction capability.
-Insert, delete, modify, and append data records: Increases productivity.
-Numerous program levels per project: Improves control and simplifies client projects because they no longer have to be artificially split into work segments.
-Extensive built-in field edits: Saves our clients time and money by developing advanced data validations.
-Hot keys for special functions: Increases speed, simplifies training.
-Powerful, easy-to-use file search: Decreases time and cost to modify data.
-File conversion, reformatting utilities: Easily creates the data files required by legacy systems or other programs.
-Table look-ups: Increases data validation power. Check account numbers, employee numbers, SSN's, etc. All critical data required by our clients.
-Operator statistics reports for performance monitoring, control, and auditing: Reduces costs by improving management of staff and processing with measured results.
-Create and maintain files or database tables used for input data validation: Decreases costs and improves data accuracy.

-Field Validation
-Table lookups, formulas and data-type restrictions

-Re-Key Verification
-Intelligent double-key verifying provides instant correction capabilities.

-Character edits
-Field edits
-Record edits
-Critical data and/or specific critical fields, per client request,  are 100% blind key-verified.

-Once your data is keyed, a second operator keys it again. The second operator does not see the original data keyed by the first operator. Our system will stop on a keystroke error and immediate data is corrected and verified.

-Address Correction & Verification
-Addresses are 'scrubbed' for accuracy utilizing exclusive tools to ensure your data is correct and properly formatted.

-Undeliverable mail is costly. To assist our clients we utilize customized features to be sure you receive accurate deliverable data. This includes the USPS CASS standards.

Every member of our team must sign and adhere to strict HIPAA Regulations, sign Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete forms, have been through all of our testing procedures and are 100% checked until they become familiar with the project and meet specific quality requirements.

Data File Reformatting provides powerful data export and reformat capabilities allowing us to produce output files that meet the specifications of existing systems and take advantage of new techniques and technology.

In summary, when you use the right tools and time-proven data entry techniques you see significant increases in productivity and accuracy. Our professional data entry/imaging systems are the key to success for all our clients.

Our commitment to you is to facilitate low overhead and cost-efficiency while maintaining the accuracy level you demand. We provide this not only with highly skilled professionals but also with our unique keying capabilities to verify and ensure your data is precise according to your specifications.

Contact DionData Solutions today to save your company valuable time and money.