Litigation/Legal Support

Imagine having several boxes of support documents and being able to hold them in one hand. Our Document Archiving and Storage Solutions allows just that.

Imagine not having to make copies of box after box of support documents to give to the other side. With our search and retrieval system you will be able to fit boxes of paper support documents all on disk or a hard-drive. Locate the information you need quickly all in one place.

DionData Solutions is also highly capable to assist you in class action lawsuits including, but not limited to, payroll discrepancies. Our highly skilled professionals will key the information you provide and return to you an easy, workable format to fit your needs. We can also provide this information on a disk or hard-drive for storing and retrieving valuable data.

We provide Litigation/Legal Document Management services to all law firms and corporate law departments.

Contact DionData Solutions today to have all your document management and data entry requirements met.