Document Archiving and Storage Solutions

In a business environment where information is processed at lightning speed and clients have high expectations, an antiquated paper filing system limits the whole process of effectively sharing information. 90% of a company's information still resides on paper. To continue doing business in the future, your company will need to develop cost effective solutions to meet these challenges.


The advent of requests for computer assistance, coupled with an identified need for document and record management, storage, and retrieval lead to the development of Paperless Archiving Solutions.


Changing laws and enhanced computer applications make it possible to cost effectively bring document management, record storage and retrieval to a variety of DionData Solutions clients: businesses, city and county governments, legal firms, and healthcare institutions.

DionData Solutions assists businesses with the scanning, storage and retrieval of their paper and electronic documents. You can store electronic documents securely, and retrieve documents quickly and easily. By developing an indexing system for company forms, the manual tasks associated with managing paper files can be eliminated. Archiving and indexing allows your staff to search for a digital document on one or more key words. The results are:

 -Instant access to critical documents
 -Reduction of paper volume and the need to archive large, paper files
 -Creates a secure document storage environment 
 -Reduce the manual tasks associated with a paper-based system and reallocates employees to valuable tasks
 -Fast, accurate and easy retrieval of archived documents

 -Contributes to improved customer service and operational efficiency

 -Helps customer service representatives resolve customer inquiries more quickly, giving them online access to the same documents
   that customers may be referencing

 -Reduces risk such as paper loss, natural disaster, theft and others

 -Helps in business continuity as well as records management and compliance

 -Makes it easier to discover and produce information as required for litigation or audit purposes

 -Reduces costs in areas such as paper processing, paper storage, printing and distribution.

DionData Solutions provides a full-featured solution to handle a wide range of fixed content management applications, in a straightforward implementation that makes great sense for organizations with limited IT resources.


Every original page is physically compared against the scanned image providing quality service to all our clients.
We index your documents based on your companies needs according to your specific criteria. The time it will take to find an archived document is just a fraction of the time it now takes to find the same document in paper form. 

You may choose to host your images on a company server, the Internet, USB Hard drive or CD/DVD's.

DionData Solutions welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you and create a Document Archiving and Indexing solution that is right for your company at highly cost-efficient rates. Contact us today!