DionData Solutions will take your inventory lists and create an easy, user-friendly, workable database to keep you up to date on what you have on hand so you know immediately when you need to re-order.

An essential element of inventory planning is to know how much inventory you need and when you need it.

Counting inventories on a regular basis throughout the year (cycle counting) combined with a process for continuous improvement in inventory accuracy will prove a far better method for achieving accurate inventories.

DionData Solutions has been successful in assisting companies set up their initial inventory control such as:

Stock Rooms
Supply Rooms
Central Storage Rooms
Hospital/Surgical Inventory
  -Detailed crash/emergency carts
  -Surgical Supplies
  -Medical Supplies

Key Benefits:
  -Increased Accountability and Control
  -Cost Savings from Reduced Inventory Levels
  -Immediate Access to Current Inventory Levels
  -Elimination of High Error Incidence in Book-Based Inventory Levels
  -Reduce Unexpected Inventory Shortages
  -Reduced Time to Receive and Issue Out Inventory
  -Reduce Time for Physical Inventory

Meeting your real world requirements allowing for:
  - Standard Inventory - Based on Stock # and Quality
  - Serialized Inventory - Keep Inventory of your Individually Tagged Items using and ID # or Serial Number
  - Batch / Lot Inventory - Tracking for Expiration Dated Food, Medical Supplies, Chemical, etc. Allowing for Data Codes, Lot Codes, and    Expiration Dates

Customize Fields and Tabs to Reflect your Inventory and Asset

DionData Solutions will, at your request, customize the preferred format and terminology based on how you define your soft or hard assets and inventory.

Based on your needs you can rename fields to your asset or inventory item. You can add more fields or hide fields as needed. You have the same flexibility when it comes to adding, renaming navigation tabs. Each of these does not take more than a minute and within a short period of time you have truly customized data that fits your needs and your industry the way you want it.

Contact us today in order for DionData Solutions to create and develop the right solution for your entire Inventory needs.